The Largest Privately Owned and Operated Extrusion Tooling

Company in North America

Southeastern Extrusion & Tool, Inc. Corporate offices and 96,000 sq. ft. main manufacturing facility, located in Florence, Alabama. The company operates more than 160,000 sq. ft. in three manufacturing operations serving the extrusion industry since 1971. Southeastern Extrusion & Tool is the largest independently owned and operated extrusion tooling manufacturer in North America, providing full service support to the extrusion industry. SET plays a vital role to the manufacturing community and has been recognized with various awards and mentions for its contributions to the local community and the industry. Our assets include a highly qualified and motivated work force consisting of machinists, engineers, technical experts and staff committed to continuous improvements in every phase of the operation. SET specializes in the manufacture of dies from 6 to 42 inches in diameter and support tooling that are manufactured using the latest CNC machinery, dimensionally accurate, precisely machined, reliable products for the extrusion industry. We offer a full service solution to extrusion tooling requirements. The process begins with our sales and manufacturing team reviewing your profile and tooling specifications and working closely with our customers to manufacture a tool to meet the customerís specific requirements. Our manufacturing department, using the highest quality materials available, takes over next to produce the part. We have a complete array of equipment capable of performing virtually any machining process required, including comprehensive in-house fabricating, heat-treating and nitriding capabilities. Before shipping, the part goes through a final inspection process to ensure that all operations have been completed and the part conforms to the customer specifications.

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